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Printer Maintenance & Service Contract

Printer Repair NJ offers annual maintenance & service agreements that take the guesswork out of the printer maintenance and repair costs. For a low annual fee, we cover all repairs and parts no matter how many times the equipment breaks down while the contract is active. This coverage excludes consumables such as toner cartridges, drum, its and transfer kits. With an Annual Maintenance Service Agreement, you protect your printer against breakdowns and minimize downtime, potentially saving your company thousands of dollars.

Benefits of our Printer Service Contract:

Our Annual Printer Maintenance Service Contracts simplifies the process of maintenance and repair. We save you valuable time which would otherwise be wasted on waiting for quotes and approvals while your printer is stalled and work is delayed. An Annual Maintenance Printer Agreement assures you that when you need us, we are ready to act. When you need maintenance and emergency repairs one of our technicians responds to your call within four hours.

As an added bonus, each service agreement includes two preventative maintenance calls per year, at which time printer equipment is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, lubricated, aligned and calibrated. With our comprehensive printer maintenance service contract, much of your uncertainty about printer reliability is taken away. Regular preventive maintenance greatly reduces the amount of printer related downtime and reduces the number of overall printer failures each year. Our printer service contract includes all the printers such as Hewlett Packard, Canon, Samsung, Konica, Brother, Kyocera etc. We provide printer maintenance service for your printer within four hours by Factory Authorized Technicians in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

Types of Printer Service Contracts:

The printer repair and maintenance contracts include 3 types of services. Our contract includes a printer and copier repair service. These are the simple ways and process through which our clients can get 100% satisfaction and 100% working Printers/Copiers with them.

1. On-Site Service

With our On-Site Printer Service Contract, an Advanced Business Systems technician comes to you, no matter where you are. Your printer equipment is repaired and maintained right where you work, allowing you the time you need to get on with your job. With our on-site printer service maintenance, there is no need to box up your printer; no need to send it out; no need to wait while it is repaired and returned. On-site service saves you time and labor.

When we write an on-site printer service agreement, we encourage you to sign an annual contract. This allows you a priority response and includes two annual maintenance visits. These visits are on-site and within four hours of your call.

Along with an on-site contract, we offer Block Time. This is added value to your regular on-site service with no expiration date. It covers labor, and all repairs are done on-site. When you choose Block Time you are choosing a top-of-the-line service, with many advantages to you.

2. On-Site Depot Service

If your business has several printers and other equipment in the same location, our On-Site Depot Service plan is the ideal one for you. This blended plan of on-site and depot service takes care of all your printer maintenance and repair in a designated area of your business. An Advanced Business Systems service technician performs needed printer repair services on all the equipment during one call.

3. Time and Material Service

Advanced Business Systems’ Time and Material Service Plan is designed for you to pay a printer maintenance and service charge for each service you receive. This type of service is available for both Depot and On-site service plans. All work is estimated and pre-authorized before any work is performed.

Are you already interested in our flexible & cost effective Printer Service Contracts? Call us now at 609-689-9919 to discuss your needs and to know more about our affordable printer maintenance and service contract pricing.


Contact our service professionals to discuss your printer repair and equipment maintenance service options and get a same-day quote. With our expert service technicians and our outstanding culture of customer service, we deliver the best services with a service agreement that is right for you.

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