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The Benefits of owning a Printer for an Artist

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Today’s world is populated by digital artists. With more and more tools to express yourself on the internet and more publishers and websites to post those expressions on, it’s never been as good for an artist as it is now. However, there are still those who prefer the touch of the paintbrush to the canvas than the stylus to the tablet, and that’s perfectly fine.

However, digital art has more staying power than canvas paintings and that’s in the literal sense. Digital art can stay safe and uncorrupted inside a USB drive or in flash storage while a canvas painting can slowly deteriorate as oxygen and the elements eat away at it. However, seeing something in the flesh is also an experience that can’t be matched with that of the LED screen. However, there is a middle ground with high-resolution printing.

printer for artitst

High-resolution prints have the advantage of producing great inky blacks and vibrant colors that will just pop and can be printed in any size that you want. However, that’s not the only advantage.

Colors that don’t fade

Near identical colors to your original masterpiece can be produced and since they’ll be laser printed on to the paper, they won’t fade as easily as the oil or the pastels that you’ve used to fill the canvas with life. This is also beneficial to photographers who want to see their photos blown up to great sizes without the quality being compromised.

Cost Savings

Rather than having a huge bunch of canvases to carry with you, you can carry a lot of grades A prints of the original painting and have them framed to take along with you. These can be of any size and can be customized so that you won’t have to lug them along as if you’re going on a hike with a huge backpack.

Helps your Portfolio

Even if you’re a hardliner for painting on a canvas or using your camera to produce photographs on film, you won’t regret getting high-quality prints of your work to carry along with you because it’ll give employers and investors a great look at your portfolio. This will help you show off your skills without having to move canvases lest they are damaged.

Speaking of damage, the high-quality prints are not susceptible to damage from light or from the water.


There’s something special about getting prints of your work that just doesn’t translate over to canvases or film prints. Sure, they may not be your aesthetic choice, but they are the economical and practical choice for sure. If you want to make sure that your practical life isn’t hampered by your love of nostalgia or your love of doing things the old way, then you should consider owning a high-resolution printer for your work. It’s the sensible choice to make.

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