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The most common problems that occur with Printers

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Printing problems have been common with Printers for as long as they’ve existed. Pages that won’t print, error messages, jammed paper and malfunctioning printer cartridges are all problems that we’ve come across a dozen times and no matter how many new printers are made, some problems still manage to find their way back in to them. Here are a few of those problems and how to fix them.

The most common problems that occur with Printers

Printing Takes too Long

Printing sometimes takes so long that you want to hit your head against the wall or shoot yourself in the head. Slow printing times can be caused by a high resolution setting on whatever you’re printing or the choice of drivers that you have installed. It could also be a memory issue with your computer and it could also be that you’ve been taxing your computer too much with too many programs running in the background.

You could apply myriad solutions by targeting these problems like shutting off multiple programs in the background, updating the software that you have, putting your printer on a lower resolution setting if you’re not too inclined to print high-quality images and you could also restart the printer, though that rarely works. You could also switch from two-sided to simplex mode; it wastes more paper but it works faster.


These just happen because you have stuffed in too much paper or have not used a good printer repair service in a long time. The solution is simple, take it to a good printer repair service or look to the user guide for some assistance. You could start by inspecting the path of the paper and removing any jammed material.

You should take out the paper that is jammed as straight and as gently as possible since tearing the paper inside the printer won’t do you any favors.
You should also make sure that the paper you’re using is compatible with the printer that you’re using.

Bad Looking Prints

This is usually a problem with the setting of the printer or a malfunction. You can change the settings of the printer to match the paper that you’re using or manually adjust the fusers. You could also check out the toner cartridges and imaging units etc. If that doesn’t work, you’re better off calling a verified printer repair service.

Printer not Printing

This could be a case of your printing to the wrong printer, or it could be that there’s no paper in the tray or your USB cables, wireless network, Bluetooth connection etc could be weak. All of this could be the problem or none of it could be. You could target these problems separately and see which one is the most pressing and which one works after fixing.

The easiest solution, if nothing else works, is to restart the computer and see what happens. There should also be the option to take your printer in for repairs. If it’s a hardware issue, there’s no point getting your hands dirty or fidgeting around with things that you don’t know.

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